• MSState department logo is required at the top with the "M" linking back to msstate.edu and the rest linking to department sites homepage.
  • Custom department logos are allowed in the right side of the footer, or as a hero slide
  • If a custom department logo is not placed in the right side of the footer, the college logo or the MSState logo will be placed there.


Search is required. It can search your site or the main msu site.


Address (required)

  • MSState "M" logo with department address.
  • Only 1 line for physical or mailing, plus the city/state/zip.
  • Only 1 phone number. No fax numbers
  • Create a contact page if need for mor information.

Middle Links (required)

  • Departments can insert their own links.
  • Must always contain 9 links. If departments have less than 9, the remaining must be filled in with defaults)


  • See logo section above


Main Menu Bar

Max number of primary menu items: 7

Submenus: We don't recommend the usage of submenus because it hurts user experience, but we will allow up to 1 sub level.

Social Icons

* Only allowed in header if top menu bar isn't.

Mobile: Always displayed above the footer.

Top Menu & Concentration

* Only allowed in header if social icons aren't.

Top Menu

  • myState (required)
  • Directory (required)
  • Optional 1
  • Optional 2
  • Optional 3
  • News (can link to department news or msstate news) (required)
  • Contact (can link to department contact or msstate contact) (required)


  • Maximum of 5 concentrations
  • Can not mix with the top menu
  • Can not alter colors or size